Our Business

Our business

Cabbeen is a leading fashion casual menswear company in the People’s Republic of China. It is principally engaged in the design of apparel, footwear and accessories, brand management and sales of fashion casual apparels. According to China Fashion Association, Cabbeen is a leading Chinese designer brand based on factors including retail revenue, the number of retail outlets and brand awareness.

Cabbeen offers apparel, shoes and accessories products for men, women and kids under Cabbeen Lifestyle, Cabbeen Urban, Cabbeen Love and 2AM brands. Cabbeen derives its revenue from sales of its products through company-operated and franchise stores, online shops and other wholesale arrangement with third parties. In addition, it operates online shops on popular e-commerce platforms including T-mall, JD.com, WeChat mall and VIP.com and also sells products on wholesale and consignment basis to other online distributors.